Sun Gazing Process

Sun gazing for the beginners

If you want to start Sun gazing as a beginner kindly follow the instructions:

  • Choose a place where you can easily watch the rising Sun. Remove your specs or glasses or lenses if you are wearing. If you have operated your eyes and have fixed lenses in your eyes then it is advisible to look at Sun for 2-3 minutes during Sun rise only.
  • Start looking at Sun directly when Sun starts rising till 20 minutes. You can blink your eyes the way you normally watch television in the same way you can watch Sun with normal eyes. Watching with normal eyes directly is called air angle.
  • Keep your eyes, face and forehead relaxed and with a bright smile on your face look at the Sun with the feeling of love, peace and bliss.
  • You can either stand or sit in a comfortable position and gaze at Sun.
  • You can gaze at Sun as long as you are comfortable i.e. if you want to close your eyes after one minute you can close your eyes and if you feel like watching Sun for 20 minutes you can watch with ease. So listen to your inner feeling while watching Sun.
  • After 20 minutes Sun will be bright yellow with Golden rays and will become more sharp at that time you can need to take water angle. For water angle you need to raise your eyes 90 degree so that you can see your eyebrows. Slightly bend your neck so that you can see the hairs of your eyebrows and through the hairs of your eyebrows look at the Sun directly. Initially you may see 2 Suns so relax and enjoy slowly you will see one Sun will appear automatically after few minutes. When you lift your eyes up to 90 degree and look at the Sun through your eyebrow hairs with a little bend neck you that is called water angle. Water will flow from your eyes so let it flow and you just enjoy this process. This water helps you to keep your eyes cool and the impurities of your body is removed by this water.
  • You can be in water angle till you feel comfortable. For the beginners Sun gazing is great between Sun rise time till 1 hour duration. For example if Sun rise time is 6:15am then you can gaze at Sun till 7:15am.
  • While gazing at Sun you can chant mantras, speak positive affirmations or sing slokas according to your faith.
  • When you finish Sun gazing close your eyes and be there for next 5 minutes feel the vibrations in every part of your body while closing your eyes. After 5 minutes rub your hands and put your palms on your eyes and be there in the darkness for a minute. 
  • Then again rub your hands and massage your eyes, eyebrows, forehead, entire head, back head, entire face, neck, back neck, ears and keep your eyes closed. One more time rub your hands and put your palms on your eyes and blink your eyes 15-20 times and keep your eyes open in your palms for a minutes. Then slowly take away your palm and come back to normal vision.
  • Thanks to the Sun who shared abundance of energy to you and start your day with bright energy.

We welcome you to the higher dimension of health, love, peace and bliss...

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