• What is Sun?
    Sun is our friend. Sun has twelve names and one of the names is Mitrayay meaning friend.
  • What Sun is not?
    Sun is not our enemy to be afraid. Sun is not someone who hurts or damages anyone.
  • What is Sun Gazing?
    Sun Gazing is the ancient knowledge, is an art and science, dimension of life.
  • Sun gazing is the dimension of life but how we have to do it and what are the benefits from it?
    Sun Gazing has many benefits, first of all you can become healthy, you can become powerful and Sun-gazing will be more beneficial to your eyes. Mostly we have been told that sun damages our eyes but it's a wrong belief. Sun gives light to our eyes, cure or eyes. We can remain healthy whole day; we mostly get tired by evening.

    If the day starts by watching Sun, we will feel energetic entire day. If we do sun gazing in the morning, whole day we will be energetic you will not feel tired, you will get energy also your eyes will remain healthy. Your whole body becomes healthy; it not only gives vitamin D but you also get protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. The energy of the sun is the life force energy. What all energy is required for our body, we can get it from sun only.

    It has many benefits, what all benefits we are going to tell you we are feeling that when the sun has started shining from that point till now, we will be going to say and say… is giving us that much benefits. But for you, the simple thing you have to understand is you will remain healthy, loving, happy and silent.
  • What is the right technique to do sun gazing or the right way which can help us a lot?

    First of all we need to understand that there is nothing as such right and wrong. Like day and night, now the day is going on but in the opposite side of the earth night is going on then what is right. We are not going to talk right and wrong thing about sun gazing. Many people speaks many different ways to look at the sun, if we see it in the simple way when the sun is rising you can see the sun for next 20 minutes with the open eyes straightly. This is one way. If you feel, you want to see sun for 5 seconds then see the sun for 5 seconds, if you feel then look for 10 seconds, if you feel to see it for half an hour then do it for half an hour, it depends in your heart what you feel. If you concentrate on your feel, on your senses, it will be very helpful for you.

    The process of seeing is, when the sun is rising you can see it straight with the open eyes this is known as air angle. When we turn our eyes above like this, it goes to 90 degree top, it is known as water angle and this our eyelashes, when we see sun from the middle of the eyelashes it becomes water angle, the white portion of the eye get more exposed to the sun rays. There is a penial gland in between both of the eyes and reaches to hypothalamus (center of the brain) and via hypothalamus to every part of the body. Through this way you can make water angle and through water angle you can see sun anytime whether it is morning sun or the afternoon sun you can see it. But, for those who are doing sun gazing for the first time, for them there is small suggestion to see the morning sun, when the sun is rising from that time till 20 minutes see the sun from air angle, after 20 minutes see the sun through water angle by moving your neck down like this. You will move your head down like this; you will see the sun from the middle of your eyelashes. When you see the sun from the middle of your eyelashes that becomes water angle, when you see sun from water angle you get many advantage. You can see the sun through this process.

    Now if you see the sun through this way for one minute or for five minute, it depends on your wish.

    Preferably, whoever is doing for the first time should see the morning sun. Then for next 3 - 4 months see the morning sun, when your eyes will be prepared to see 9'o clock, 10'o clock or 11'o clock sun to see then you can see that sun also. But for first 3 month you should see the morning sun only. You can see the sun through this way
  • Is there any other time we can practice sun gazing?

    If you are unable to get early in the morning and missed the sun rise then you can take the time of sunset. Half an hour before the sun is going to set you can do the sun gazing but the process will be bit different. You will first have to see the sun through water angle something like this. You have to move your eyes up and look towards the sun from between eyelashes then slowly slowly you have to see the sun through air angle. You can do the sun gazing very easily and happily half an hour before sunset.
  • Sun throws ultra violet rays which are harmful, UV rays can damage my eyes also so then why Sun gazing?

    This whole earth has been created from within the sun, so whatever the sun is having earth is also having; we are also on this earth, so we are also conceiving all the things what sun is conceiving. So, we all have UV rays in our body, this is one belief that sun throws UV rays on us and it damages our body. Sun never damages us; first of all we need to understand this. Now also there is much disbelief told by the people in the name of science or by any other name. But today we have to remove some disbelief; first of all we need to understand in our Vedas, sun has been given 12 names. In that one name given is - Om Mitraya Namah - , in this we are saying sun as our friend, and do friend ever can hurt us? No. If any person is having problem with sun, any type of problem or damages their eyes, whatever they say has not happened because of sun. It has actually happened because of their belief and one more thing we need to understand that anything happens to our body is only because and because of our mind. First the thing comes in our mind after that it comes in our body.
    Whatever happens to your body, any damage you think, any disease any illness, any problem all this comes to our mind first then it comes in our body. All this is called as Psychosomatic. Psycho means mind Somatic means body, so any problem in our body is psychosomatic, is because of your mind. Mind is having all belief system, if you believe that sun damages our body then sun will damage. If you believe that sun gives us energy it will give us energy. It is all about mind, sun never damages, it should be clear in our mind that sun gives us energy only life-force energy. If sun is not there we will also not exist.
  • If someone has gone through any kind of Eye Surgery, can they still practice Sun Gazing?

    In case you have gone through Eye Surgery, then we must first understand few important things like

    If you have got lenses fixed in your eyes then you can still watch Morning sun for 20 mins starting from Sun Rise. And then after 20 mins you can keep your eyes closed. You must understand that the reason for not seeing the sun beyond 20 mins is that your lenses is artificial and it these lenses which may cause some problem. Problem is because of lenses and not because of SUN. :)

    In case you have only got surgery done (i.e. without any lenses fixed), then also there is no problem you can start by watching morning 20 mins sun from the time of sun rise and keep your eyes closed after it. Do this for about 3 months; this will help you get recovered. Once recovery is done, then you can watch sun as long as you wish to through water angle.
  • How Sun gazing one can also improve Eye vision and reduce ones Eye number?

    Sun will bring back the light of your eyes, so it will definitely improve your vision. There is no doubt about this; it is a byproduct of Sun Gazing practice. How long it takes depends on you, on how long you do Sun Gazing and with what faith you do Sun gazing.

    Manavji had number 11 cylindrical at age of 11-12 yrs. He use to wear glasses since that age. Since 2011 he stopped wearing glasses. He can read and see comfortably. Earlier he was not able to see person's face standing near to him without glasses.

    So it is really possible to improve your vision. There are also some exercises involve which when done with sun can help you improve your vision faster.
  • Retinal Pigment as per doctors there is no recovery possible for it. Can sun gazing help in curing Retinal Pigmentation?

    Any disease or disorder related to eyes can easily be cured. But first one must understand these disorders are Mind-related. They are caused because we have created such thoughts inside us. People who do not like seeing anything, who always crib about things, who do not like anything, who keep saying that this does not look good or that does not look good, these are the emotions that cause all Eye related problems.

    Of course Sun Gazing can help in curing any disorder. Sun Gazing is Life Source energy; it will make you more positive about life and remove all negativity from you. And thus all disease will slowly vanish. It is a very scientific process in itself. And definitely RP can be cured by Sun Gazing.
  • How long does one should do Sun Gazing whether morning or evening?

    First one must bring faith that no matter how long one sees Sun, it will never cause any harm.

    Now you can decide for yourself how long you wish to see the sun. One can see the sun for 2 mins, or 15 mins, or 20 mins or even more. Yes for those who are beginners, they can see sun for 20 mins in morning from time of Sun Rise and 20-30 mins in evening before the time of Sun Set. And then after morning around 8 am they can watch sun using water angle. For those who have already gazed for more than 2-3 months, they can even start by watching Sun at about 9 am or 10 am in morning through water angle.
  • While I do Sun Gazing, I tend to get distracted and mind keeps thinking. How should I avoid such distractions?

    Firstly, while you are gazing sun with eyes wide open, you should keep your focus at the centre of Sun. Secondly, you must feel the sun while watching it. When you don't feel it that is when you get distracted. You then start feeling something else like thinking about your past or future. If you avoid such thoughts and start feeling Sun rays you will never get distracted. So when you do sun gazing keep a smile on your face, be relaxed and feel the sun.
  • I am a Christian can I do Sun Gazing?                                                                                          Sun Gazing has no relationship with any religion. If you follow any religion whether Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity etc. you can still do Sun Gazing. Sun is beyond all religions. Sun doesn't share light and energy to any particular religious person but Sun treats everyone equal and share equal light and energy to all. 

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