Beliefs & Benefits

Anything which is not scientifically proven doesn't mean that it is wrong, dangerous, invalid, illogical, irrational and impossible. Till science had not proven and discovered electricity science never believed that electricity can exist. Nevertheless electricity existed even before the discovery of science. Therefore keeping one's mind open helps in learning the phenomenal marvels of life, unlearning skeptic and limited views towards life and relearning ancient wisdom.

Looking at sun, gazing at sun cannot harm at all. As the scientific analysis and understanding about Sun is very much limited and narrow hence it will never approve such things but as mentioned earlier there are limits of science. So looking at the limits of science keeping mind open and being receptive will help you to get abundance benefits by sun gazing.

Sun Gazing is a natural process of gaining energy through Sun. Sun Gazing is for Sun lovers who believes in Sun and its unlimited radiating cosmic life giving energy.

Sun Gazing helps you in:

  • Enhancing your energy level
  • Improving your eyes and vision
  • Eradicating all diseases of body and mind
  • Makes you perfectly healthy
  • Gives you all required knowledge
  • Brings dynamic changes in DNA which removes all types of hereditary weaknesses and illnesses
  • Generates greater concentrating abilities
  • Lift up to higher dimension of consciousness
  • Removes al kinds of fears
  • Makes you vibrant
  • Evolves your being with love, peace and bliss
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Activates various intelligences
  • Develops self confidence and self esteem
  • Transforms stress and builds vitality

Core beliefs:

  • Sun is our friend and so Sun always nurtures us.
  • Sun gives all vitamins, Proteins and nutrients which are essential to life.
  • Sun never harms or damages us.
  • Sun never sucks our energy but always radiates energy and give us energy to keep us healthy forever.
  • Earth has come from Sun and we are on Earth so we are also part of Sun hence we also have ultra violet rays within us the way Sun has.
  • Looking at sun with naked eyes makes our eyes stronger and improves our vision.
  • Sun has all the five elements so watching Sun gives us energy of all five elements together.

Some Myths related with Sun:

  • Gazing sun damages our eyes
  • Ultra violet rays of Sun harm us
  • Sun dehydrate's our body
  • Being in Sun creates diseases related to skin and eyes



Gaining Energy through Sun

The ancient art and science of sun gazing...

Learn new ways to gain energy and be energetic throughout the day
Unlearn narrow prejudices, skeptical views, fearful myths related with Sun
Relearn the ancient wisdom of leading a healthy , loving, peaceful and blissful life

This session covers:
- Science of Sun gazing
- Benefits of Sun gazing
- How to gaze at Sun
- Gaining energy through 5 senses

For whom?
Children above 10 years, teenagers, youth, parents and adults

Three day (every day one hour from 5 minutes before Sun rise)

- Kindly come before 5 minutes
- Bring personal mat for sitting
- Remove lenses or specs before the session starts

This sessions are priceless so pay as you wish from your heart without using any logic or rational. All contribution is share to Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust. If you wish to contribtuion through cheque or DD then pay it for "Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust" 

Direct Bank Transfer Details:

Bank: ICICI Bank,

Account name: Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust

Account number: 026305003636


Branch: Lokhandwala, Samarth Vaibhav, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai-53. 


The sessions are conducted all over India. If you are interested in organizing and hosting this session kindly email us at 

To learn about current venue of session kindly contact 9167100984.

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