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TOI - Article on Sun Gazing

(20th May 2012)

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I was excited when I came to know the article about Sun Gazing was published today in Times of India page 4 - titled as " Going Ra Ra over the sun" . I thought may be this is the beginning of the new thought and new generation where we will be more connected to our source – the SUN. After reading the article, I was with mixed feelings and failed to understand that whether the writer has helped people to know benefits of Sun Gazing or has created even more fear among them and yet again solidified the myths we have been living about the Sun.

So I decided to bring out few lines and present my opinion about it.

Most ophthalmologists will contend that eye exposure to the sun for several minutes can irreparably damage vision. "The ill effects of prolonged sun-gazing have been well documented scientifically," says Dr S Natarajan, chairman and managing director at the Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, and editor of the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. "It can cause or accelerate ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration), cataract, tear film changes, pterygium (an abnormal triangular mass of thickened conjunctiva that can interfere with vision), and can result in solar retinopathy (ranging from mild macular changes to even a full thickness macular hole)." 

On what research are these conclusions being made. I have read and I can present the source of the researches which has shown the exposure to Sun can only bring vital energy to your body. Let me also say that these researches are powered and sponsored by those businessmen who is doing it for their selfish interest. Imagine who will wear sun glasses or tint their windows if sun is so beneficial to all of us. Researches claiming that UV raise are bad for our eyes and skin, but there are researches available which also shows that our body needs UV raise for healthy functioning. More than anything, who would you wish to believe – people who have dedicated their life and practiced sun gazing and today show you live example of how it has helped them tremendously OR those researches which emerge out of business interest or limited knowledge of science. I would go with experience.

One of the more ratiocinative blogs, is written by a man called Vinny Pinto, who begins with the caveat that he does not actively advocate sun-gazing, but the scientific references and research he presents (which are rather comprehensive) are meant to enlighten anyone interested in the subject or to guide those who have been incited by their spirit to sun-gaze. Pinto, a sun-gazer himself, warns against some of the claims made by self-styled sun experts, which range from complete healing of all emotional mental and physical ills to the achievement of spectacular supernatural powers and even immortality.

To some extend I agree with Vinny here. There are these so called sun experts who are using this method as new business opportunity. And yes we must be aware of whom we go to for learning and understanding this subject. But I completely know (and not just believe) that sun gazing can bring complete healing to mind  and body. And researches has shown that Sun light has helped cured many diseases ranging from physical and emotional level. I cannot comment on supernatural powers because that is not something one should goal for.

I want to add that I am happy that the subject of Sun Gazing has come forward and more-n-more people will come forward and enquire about it. But it is strange that TOI has scared people equally. I understand that newspaper has to show both sides, but lets do it based on right research and get inputs from right people. 

Finally I heartly request readers to come and try Sun Gazing and come to conclusions based on their own experience. There is enough researches available online and offline which openly supports this subject of Sun Gazing. Talk to people who have dedicated their life to this subject. Nature has not made anything imperfect or harmful, it is our thinking and garbage given by such publications which makes things harmful to us. Follow your instinct, you will never go wrong.

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