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Sun and religion

(18th May 2012)

Is there any relationship of Sun with various religions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity etc.? If yes then does it mean that Sun shines more for Christians and less for Muslims and more for Sikhs and less for Hindus?

Sun is unbiased and is beyond all human made religions. Sun shares energy and light equally to every being on this planet and to the space and other planets.

Though various religions have described Sun from different dimensions yet Sun is considered as one of the sources of energy and light in every religion as well as science.

Various religions according to their faith and understanding have created variety of prayers, verses, hymns, affirmations related with Sun and each of these prayers have positive vibrational meanings. So if a Hindu prayer is sung in front of Sun will give equal amount of significance as other religious prayers. If Christian verses are sung in front of Sun the impact will be equal.

It is how we are singing such verses or prayers and with what level of faith that will have major influence on us. Therefore whether you are a Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Christian or if you follow any other religion it doesn't matter during Sun gazing process. Look or watching Sun with love, peace and bliss is the way to gain energy through Sun.

No matter what religion you follow Sun will give you abundance of energy. Sun loves everyone and therefore you don't have to worry at all with any of your religious faiths. Sun will share abundance of light to you and Sun will always give you abundance of life force energy without have any biases of religion.

The process of looking or watching or gazing Sun has no relationship with any religion. So let's not confuse Sun gazing with any religion or let's not consider this activity as religious biased activity. What is more important is practicing Sun gazing process religiously.

So when one chants, "Om Mitrayay Namah" or "Lord! thy will be done" or "God is the light of heaven" if has no connection with Hindu or Christian or Muslim religion. This chanting is solely for Self understanding and is a way acknowledge your respect and love towards Sun.

During Sun gazing process by judging such kind of chanting as religious activity is the indicator of close minded attitude and narrow perception towards the process as well as Sun and towards the one who it sharing this knowledge to you.

Therefore come out of such narrow frame works of mind and gain energy through Sun.

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