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Sun and health

(19th May 2012)

When it comes to health most of the common beliefs about health are:
" one get ill due to viruses spreading in environment."
" due to bad eating habit one gets unhealthy."
" most of the diseases enter body through improper diet and through viral infections."

Well when it comes to Sun most people afraid to go out of Sun as they believe that:
"If I will go out in Sun I will get skin cancer due to UV rays."
"I get headache due to heat of Sun."
"My throat gets dried and I feel dehydrated in Sun."

Sun is responsible for providing light and life to this planet and to the cosmos. So the one who shares light and life and abundance of energy how can that create any harm or damage?

The root cause of disease or illness or feeling unhealthy is not due to Sun or any other environmental factor but it is the stagnant, superstitious beliefs listed above. Our mind is responsible for creating all diseases, other thoughts and emotions are responsible to generate unwanted chemicals in body and we end up being dis-ease from our natural easeness.

Dis-ease is the imbalance of our own internal easeness. When our body, mind and soul are not in harmony and we don't feel at ease within we are at dis-ease.

Sun is suppose to share abundance of energy and Sun is sharing abundance of energy that too without any conditions. So one of the key responsibility of Sun is to nurture us. Entire food industry is dependent on Sun coz if Sun stops shining the farms and fields where all food is grown will never get the required energy for the growth.

Therefore there is no need to be afraid of Sun. Sun gives us health. When you start your day being in Sun even for 10-15 minutes it will rejuvenate you.

Your health is not in the hands of doctors but it is in your own hand. Sun is the ultimate healer and heals every disease. Get rid of all such negative beliefs in your mind related with health and Sun. Change your perception and be open to receive abundance of energy.

Your health will be taken care but Sun. Just surrender to Sun and you will be healthy till the last breath of your life.  

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