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Sun and Science

(16th May 2012)

Science has only discovered couple of fact related with Sun and that to not in perfect measurement:

  1. Distance of Sun
  2. Diameter, length, width, breadth, volume, weight etc.
  3. Temperature
  4. Age

Based on these very little information related with Sun science is declaring the pros and cons of Sun and most of them are based on fear and negativity only.

Half baked cake only brings pain in stomach. So let's not operate our life based on what science talks all the time. Science is still experimenting and exploring nevertheless our ancient wisdom has already known the deep relevance and working of Sun.

Science is still wondering how Sun has collected so much of energy sharing it in the cosmos. Science has discovered that there are around 66 elements in Sun which is responsible for the nourishment and growth of earth and life. Now does it mean there are only 66 elements in Sun?

Our ancient wisdom says that Sun is the source of energy and the earth was created from the Sun so whatever is there in Sun will be there in earth but in a different form. Therefore instead of being afraid of Sun just relax and gain energy through Sun.

When ancient wisdom shares that look at Sun or watch Sun or to be specific gaze at Sun that doesn't means you have sit in Sun for whole day. It means that start your day with brightness and Sun is the most bright thing that you can watch in the morning. The old proverb says you are what you think but let us go deep and read between the lines of this proverb it says you are what you see and feel.

Science is on the path of discovery about many things and so blindly following certain scientific notions related to anything including Sun, Life, Diseases etc is like creating another superstitious beliefs. So keep your mind open, don't get into instant judgment mode. Relax yourself.

Sun is life giver and life force energy so you can gain energy through Sun and make your life as bright as Sun. Ancient wisdom is nothing but Holistic Science. Now that which is beyond logic or rational doesn't mean it is illogical or irrational.

Looking at Sun, watching Sun or Sun gazing is the art and science of gaining energy. We all required energy. Our body needs energy to sustain and only food is THE source of energy for our body. We gain energy through not just only one sense that is taste sense but we gain energy through all our five senses touch, taste, smell, sight, hear.

Science have only calculated one sided energy sharing of Sun that is Sun gives about 4.257E+9 kilograms of mass energy per second but science has not yet discovered how much energy is gained by Sun. The way inhale and exhale is a two way process energy also works the same giving and gaining.

So widen your horizons of learning, unlearning and relearning to live life with the same brightness as Sun. One has all the rights to question the authorities of Science and move beyond logic and rational and reason to explore the dynamics of life.

Sun is helping us with this abundance of brightness so let's make ourselves bright. 

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