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Knowledge about Sun

(10th May 2012)

Om Mitraya Namah

The wise people of the ancient era of Vedic epoch discovered 12 names of Sun. One of the names is Mitra meaning friend. So the one who is a friend cannot harm. Friend always nurture, care, love, guide and protect  us. Sun is our friend and Sun only and only nurture us. Therefore do not be afraid of Sun, love Sun, respect Sun, accept Sun and surrender to Sun. Sun gives us light and life. The one who gives life is our care taker and well-wisher only. So instead of criticizing Sun be thankful to Sun. Share your gratitude to Sun and you will see a vibrant transformation happening in your life.

Before you were born Sun was there and when you will leave this planet Sun will still be there so Sun knows more than you or me about life and about everything. Trust Sun and release all your fears about Sun. As Sun is our friend Sun cannot damage us at all. Whatever damage is happening to you the root cause is not Sun but your own mind, your own thoughts and emotions, your own negative beliefs towards Sun.

The father and mother of Earth is Sun. So whatever is there on Earth has come through Sun. We are on earth so we also have all the elements of Earth as well as Sun. Sun is the life force energy, the source of energy. Sun cannot drain your energy. Sun is the giver of energy, Sun is radiating energy 24x7. So if you feel any headache or any drainage in Sun you need to understand that it is your own mind, thoughts, emotions, beliefs have created it and not the Sun.

Sun is not only having Vitamin D but Sun has all the Vitamins, nutrients, proteins necessary for our body and mind. So when you spend some time with Sun you are actually allowing yourself to receive abundance of life force energy to enter into your body and mind. This helps you in revitalizing yourself and be energetic.

The best way to lead a healthy, loving, peaceful and blissful life is to love and respect Sun leaving all your limited thinking, skeptical mind, narrow visions, orthodox mentality, arrogant attitude, egoistic nature and fearful emotions. As darkness vanishes when Sun comes in the same way all the dark sides that you are facing in life at body and mind level will go away as soon as you will allow this knowledge about Sun in your life.

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