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  • 16th May 2013 | {num}

    Sun Gazing Sessions are conducted in Rajkot since 17th May...

    Around 100 people are participating every morning at 5:45am...

    All India Radio Rajkot has a special interview with Manavji in their program called "Jeevan Ka Safar" where Manavji shared about sun gazing process and also answered many live questions asked but the audiance through sms. 

    Akila News printed a special article taking&

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  • 20th May 2012 | {num}

    I was excited when I came to know the article about Sun Gazing was published today in Times of India page 4. I thought may be this is the beginning of the new thought and new generation where we will be more connected to our source – the SUN. After reading the article, I was with mixed feelings and failed to understand that whether the writer has helped people to know benefits of Sun Gazing or has created even more fear among them and yet again solidified the myths we have&

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  • 19th May 2012 | {num}

    The root cause of disease or illness or feeling unhealthy is not due to Sun or any other environmental factor but it is the stagnant, superstitious beliefs listed above. Our mind is responsible for creating all diseases, other thoughts and emotions are responsible to generate unwanted chemicals in body and we end up being dis-ease from our natural easeness. 

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  • 18th May 2012 | {num}

    Is there any relationship of Sun with various religions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity etc.? If yes then does it mean that Sun shines more for Christians and less for Muslims and more for Sikhs and less for Hindus?

    Sun is unbiased and is beyond all human made religions. Sun shares energy and light equally to every being on this planet and to the space and other planets.

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  • 16th May 2012 | {num}

    Based on these very little information related with Sun science is declaring the pros and cons of Sun and most of them are based on fear and negativity only. Half baked cake only brings pain in stomach. So let's not operate our life based on what science talks all the time. 

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  • 10th May 2012 | {num}

    One of the names is Mitra meaning friend. So the one who is a friend cannot harm. Friend always nurture, care, love, guide and protect us. Sun is our friend and Sun only and only nurture us. Therefore do not be afraid of Sun, love Sun, respect Sun, accept Sun and surrender to Sun.

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